Let’s start thrifting!

pexels-photo-331990.jpegNever been thrifting before? I don’t blame you. I started thrifting a year ago and it really did change my shopping perspective. I have discovered you can find ANYTHING at thrift shops. If the cheap prices aren’t enough to attract you, think about all the one of kind items you can buy. You’ll find things that are unique and most likely won’t be owned by anyone else. Thrift shopping allows you to explore and mix up your style. It gives you a look only you can own.

If you don’t believe me, check out my friend Jordan Rodgers. He loves thrift shopping and I can see why! He is rocking it with his fits and they ain’t breaking his wallet.

Here he is wearing a $3.50 shirt and $13 cargo pants. A total of $16.50! Compare these prices to stores like Urban Outfitters.  Shirt and Cargo pants are from Out of the Closet Thrift Store in San Francisco, CA.  (This thrift shop has more stores throughout California)CF4C1751-2910-4EB6-A90E-EDF36E795B85.JPG

Shirt: $2 Pants: $7.50Total: $9.50 From Out of the Closet Thrift Store in San Francisco, CA. D89FDE35-E96E-4DE3-8370-D2E73F677CF0.JPG

Shirt: $3 From Out of the Closet Thrift Store in San Francisco, CA. IMG_0227.JPG

Jordan has a unique style he makes everything look so effortlessly good. You can also save money and serve looks if you thrift shop! It’s definitely achievable if you look at the right places.

Below is Manuel Reyes wearing an old-school sweater he bought at Goodwill for $7. As you can tell he paired it up with other items he didn’t thrift for, but this is a perfect example of how thrifting can add something unique to your look. Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

Last but not least here is my recent Goodwill haul! Believe it or not, you can really find some gems here. I pay close attention to how good the material is because I don’t like buying items that look too worn.

First up is this patched up, oversized denim jacket. Originally it was priced at $7.99 but since the color of the day was pink, all pink tags were 50% off, so I got this for $4!Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

I got lucky and found this VS Silk Robe! If bought directly from Victoria’s Secret it can cost about $50. Instead, I bought mine for $6! 😉 Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

Next up are these Pac Sun “Mom Jeans” that were brand new (original tags were still on) that I bought for $11! These type of Pac Sun jeans are usually $40-$45.

Here are my favorite pick ups from this trip to Goodwill! I love buying decor I can put up around my house and room that go with my aesthetic/theme. The mason jar was originally priced at .89¢ but thanks to the pink 50% off tag deal I got it for about .45¢! The Sunflower plate was $2 and the brown basket with green grass was also $2. Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

If all of this wasn’t enough to convince you to thrift shop, I don’t know what to tell you. Even though love thrift shopping, I have not stopped shopping at malls, boutiques, or retail stores. Thrift shops have just made it easier to shop on a budget for cute, unique items. I have made this post mostly about Goodwill, but Jordan’s outfits show the variety of things you can find at other thrift stores. Next time you pass by one make sure you stop to look around!



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