What I watch on Youtube

I do not really follow a lot of Youtuber’s because quite honestly to me they can be so annoying and do everything for clout, but I do have a couple channel’s that I really enjoy watching!

  1. Erica Canchola – I love her channel because of her style and the way she carries herself. She is genuine, a college student, and relatable! She doesn’t upload weekly, but when she does make a new video it’s definitely worth watching. I discover new trends and music thanks to her. Her “authenticity” videos are eye-opening and refreshing.maxresdefault
  2. Doctor Mike – His channel is perfect for those who want to learn something new about anything concerning health and body. I learn something new every time I watch his videos! He’s very popular on Youtube because they consider him “the hottest doctor” but aside from his looks he has a good personality and that showcases in his videos! If you want to learn new things and be entertained at the same time, this is perfect!maxresdefault-2
  3. The ACE Family – I’m pretty sure some of y’all have heard of them before, but let me tell you I am a TRUE fan of them because I started following Catherine Paiz on IG before she even met Austin. I followed her because I thought she was really pretty and even added her on Snapchat. About 1 year after I followed her she had a BF (Austin) and then shortly after she got pregnant. It wasn’t long until they made their first Youtube vid and I watched it not thinking how big they would actually get. Now they have like 8million subscribers and got super rich because of it. Their videos are really cute and funny. Family goals for sure!unnamed
  4. Jeanine Amapola – Last but definitely not least, is my girl, Jeanine. I love everything about her channel! She’s so gorgeous, gives good beauty tips, has great lifestyle blogs, and overall has everything I look for in a Youtube channel. This is my favorite channel on Youtube! She also has another channel called “JeanineTVvlogs” and that one basically consists of regular vlogs and behind the scenes kind of stuff. I’m subscribed to both because I just love her stuff! She uploads every Sunday 🙂67ac094112206ab94d5ecbfb6a5b

That’s it for my favorites on Youtube! Of course every now and then I end up watching different videos on the recommendation sidebars, but for the most part, these four channels are my go to’s. Hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I do! 



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